How Do You Level Your House Foundation?

How Do You Level Your House Foundation?

The best way to level a house foundation is by using a self-leveling compound, as noted by Look for a compound containing cement rather than gypsum when leveling a basement.

Generally, leveling a house foundation is something best left to professionals. However, there is one thing homeowners can do to try to level a foundation quickly and effectively.

  1. Buy the right product
  2. Purchase a self-leveling compound from a major home improvement store. Look for one made with cement for a basement floor.

  3. Clean the floor
  4. Clean the floor using a degreaser to ensure a solid bond.

  5. Read the directions
  6. Each compound is different so thoroughly read the instructions that come with the self-leveling compound. Pay special attention to mixing instructions as well as drying time.

  7. Mix and spread the leveling compound
  8. Mix the compound and spread it out on a layer on the floor. Allow it to dry.

Portland cement is recommended for basement floors because it is not affected by changing moisture levels. The compound should be the consistency of thick syrup. After spreading the compound on the floor, be sure to leave it alone for the required setup time and refrain from walking on it until it is thoroughly hardened.