How Do You Level a House?


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To level a wood-frame house, inspect the house and foundation, measure it with a level, use heavy jacks to lift the house, and insert shims or new posts to secure the foundation. Depending on the height of the lift required and the amount of damage the house has from sinking, a structural engineer may be necessary to safely complete the task.

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Thoroughly inspect the home underneath to identify the problems causing it to be unlevel, including rotting or warped floor joists, sinking piers and cracked or crumbling foundation walls. Measure the house in all directions with a spirit level to determine exactly which parts need to be raised and by how much.

Lift the house evenly with heavy-duty floor jacks that are manned independently to keep it level during the lift. Examine all utilities such as plumbing, drain pipes and electrical connections that may become stressed or rupture during the lift. Disconnect the utilities and any lines that may be damaged.

When the house is lifted and level, repair or replace any damaged floor joists, build new support piers out of concrete blocks, and repair any damaged foundation areas. Once the leveling repairs are in place, slowly lower the house onto the new piers, and reconnect any utilities.

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