How Do You Level the Ground for a Pool?

To level the ground for a pool, mark the pool area, clear the area, and find the lowest point. Lower the surrounding ground to the level of the lowest point of the pool area.

  1. Comply with building codes

    Consult your building codes office to ensure that you are in compliance with rules and regulations. Some municipalities have strict requirements for building outdoor pools.

  2. Mark the pool area

    Hammer a metal stake at the center of the pool area. Tie a length of string 6 inches longer than the radius of the pool to the stake. Tie a spray can to the other end of the string. Mark the perimeter of the pool area with spray paint.

  3. Clear the pool area

    Use a powered sod cutter or shovels to remove all sod, grass and other vegetation from the marked area. Move the debris using a wheelbarrow.

  4. Measure the area

    Replace the metal stake at the center of the pool area with a 2-inch square stake. Hammer the stake flush with the ground. Pivot a leveling instrument to the stake, and find the lowest point of the pool area.

  5. Level the pool area

    Bring down the rest of the pool area to the lowest point. Turn your leveling instrument 360 degrees to ensure the entire area is level.

  6. Reinforce the area

    Spread a 2-inch layer of crushed limestone over the pool area. Level the limestone base with a wooden plank, and wet the area with a garden hose. Remove the wooden stake at the center of the pool area, and fill the hole with limestone and soil. Ensure that the hole is level with the surrounding area.