How Do You Level a Concrete Patio?

To level a concrete patio, patch small sections with sand and use veneer to smooth out the rest of the surface. If there are areas with major sinking problems, hire a contractor to slab jack the patio.

Use the following steps to level a concrete patio.

  1. Cut out small sections of sunken concrete
  2. Cut out a section of sunken concrete with a gas-powered saw.

  3. Remove the affected section
  4. Use a crowbar to remove the concrete slab from the patio.

  5. Add sand
  6. Add sand to the affected area. Use a tamping machine to pack it down as much as possible.

  7. Replace the concrete
  8. Replace the concrete slab in the patio.

  9. Fill in the gaps
  10. Apply cement to the gaps around the patched area of concrete to keep water from seeping in.

  11. Apply veneer
  12. Apply veneer to the patio to even out the rest of the surface. To apply veneer, texture the concrete with a chisel and hammer and drill some holes in the surface. Apply the veneer, let it dry for 30 minutes and then smooth out the product with a trowel.

Badly sinking concrete requires slab jacking, which involves pumping concrete under the patio. This requires specialty tools such as diamond drill bits to complete; therefore, hiring a professional contractor is likely a better option than attempting the project.