How Do You Level a Concrete Floor?


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Prepare the concrete floor by cleaning the concrete, applying metal strips at the doors, filling any voids and applying a self-leveling primer. Mix the self-leveling concrete, and pour it over the floor. Large areas require two people: one to mix and one to pour.

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  1. Clean the concrete

    Sweep the surface of the floor, and then clean it with a pressure washer to remove oil, grease and other stains.

  2. Apply a metal strip at the doors

    To contain the product to the work area, apply a metal strip to all doorways using duct tape. Make each strip taller than the intended depth of the self-leveling concrete.

  3. Fill any voids

    Use concrete filler to patch any holes, deep cracks or pits in the floor.

  4. Mix the self-leveling concrete

    Mix the self-leveling product according to the manufacturer's directions. Add water to the mix, and stir the solution using a mixing paddle and power drill.

  5. Pour the new surface

    Begin at one end of the room, and work toward a door so you don't trap yourself. Work from side to side, pouring even strips about 1 foot wide. For large rooms, enlist a second person to mix more product as you pour. Cover the entire floor in one session for best results.

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