How Are Lethal Squirrel Traps Designed?


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Lethal squirrel traps are typically designed with a body grip mechanism that only a professional fur trapper is qualified to set. Wildlife removal specialists suggest that shooting squirrels is more effective than attempting to poison them.

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Some of the main reasons why wildlife removal specialists discourage the use of poison-based lethal squirrel traps are that it is difficult to trick squirrels into eating poison, making it easy for other animals or even children to inadvertently consume the poison. Since there is no poison targeted specifically at squirrels on the market, some people use rat poison for the purpose, which is not recommended since even if a squirrel is tricked into consuming rat poison, it may not die as a result.

Exclusion traps are safe for homeowners to use without professional help, but are generally not lethal. These traps include cage traps, repeater traps and one-way doors. Once safely trapped in an exclusion trap, it is possible to quickly kill and dispose of a squirrel by other means, but it may be against local and state ordnance concerning the disposal of local wildlife. In most instances, consultation with a wildlife removal expert is recommended so as to dispose of the pests as safely and humanely as possible while remaining compliant with local law.

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