Where Are Lennox Heat Pumps Sold?

Where Are Lennox Heat Pumps Sold?

Lennox's vriety of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heat pumps is available exclusively from heating and cooling specialists. Visit the company's website to find the closest Lennox dealer.

As of 2015, Lennox offers three heat pump series: Elite, Merit and Dave Lennox Signature Collection. Most Lennox heat pumps are Energy Star qualified, except the Merit Series 13HPX. All Lennox models use chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly. The heat pumps vary primarily by energy efficiency and sound level.

The Merit Series of heat pumps are the least expensive models offered by Lennox. The Merit heat pumps operate at 76 decibels, and while the 13HPX is not Energy Star qualified, the 14HPX is. A direct-drive fan offers quieter operation and a longer life than a standard heat pump.

The energy efficiency of the Elite Series is even better. The sound levels are also slightly lower at 71 to 74 decibels. The Elite models also feature dual-fuel capability, allowing the heat pump to be operated with gas and electricity, further improving overall energy use and lowering heating costs.

The heat pumps in the Dave Lennox Collection are the most energy-efficient models offered by Lennox. In 2014, Energy Star rated the entire collection among the most energy-efficient products of the year. All signature models are ready to be powered by solar energy to lower energy bills further. These heat pumps are also the quietest with a rating of 58 to 63 decibels.