Why Do Lemon Tree Leaves Drop?


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Lemon tree leaves drop due to disease, environmental stress, nutritional deficiencies and pests. The best way to treat this problem is to rule out each of these four potential causes until the culprit is found.

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The most common environmental causes of lemon tree leaf drop are cold damage and overwatering. Prune the tree in the spring, cover young trees or move trees to areas protected from low temperatures. Mulch abundantly, water infrequently and make sure the soil drains well to prevent root rot.

Fertilize lemon trees under 7 years old every six weeks with a specialized citrus fertilizer. Fertilize older trees more regularly but in lesser quantities. The ideal period to fertilize lemon trees is between October and February.

Treat alternaria leaf spot and greasy spot fungus with a copper fungicide. Phytophthora causes root rot. Treat it by improving soil drainage and removing weeds, mulch, grass and debris from the area around the lemon tree.

Apply oil sprays frequently to combat sooty mold. Citrus leaf miners are difficult to eradicate. Remove infected parts of the tree and bring predatory wasps into the garden to combat this pest.

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