What Is a Lemon Cypress Tree?

lemon-cypress-tree Credit: vlopresti1964/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

The lemon cypress tree is member of the evergreen conifer family. This tree, Cupressus macrocarpa emits a lemon scent.

Lemon cypress trees are relatively easy to care for since they require little maintenance throughout the year. They thrive both indoors and out and are preferred by many homeowners for their aesthetic appeal. The tree is native to California, but adapts easily to other climates except those that are prone to below freezing temperatures.

The trees are popular for landscaping purposes. They require moisture and a draining system along with adequate amounts of sunlight each day. Fertilizer can be used to help encourage a healthy growth. Many owners prefer to prune the trees to help them retain their natural shape and to prevent them from growing too tall. Since the trees even thrive well in pots, they can be used to add foliage to any area, but pruning is often required.

Lemon cypress trees can become diseased or infested with insects, especially when grown in hotter regions. Coryneum canker is one disease that can easily kill these trees if not treated properly at an early stage. They are also susceptible to cypress aphids. These insects infest the trees and if not taken care of can cause then to die.