What Is LED Wall Art?


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LED wall art is wall art that uses integrated light sources to illuminate specific glass shapes to create different ranges of very saturated colors. The light sources of such installations typically last at least 4,000 hours, according to DRSA.com. While wall art is designed to be displayed on the wall itself, the LED technology can easily be applied to installations for tables, pedestals, or niches within the home.

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A hallmark of LED wall art is that the light fixtures function as art pieces. Artists use a wide variety of dichroic glass shapes to create the wall art, and they create the images by arranging these shapes at precise angles along the installation.

While LED wall art can be easily purchased, you can also create your own. Begin by drawing margins and your desired designs on a wooden plank. Outline any designs, such as specific words, using ball head nails. Next, use wool to create a pattern to further highlight the words spelled out by the nails. Next, solder and put together your LEDs before connecting them in parallel with a battery. Secure these LEDs with a hot glue gun. End by cutting a galvanized iron sheet into a semicircle on one end and a straight end on the other. Drill three holes in it to support the art, and secure everything to your wall.

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