What Is the Best Leather Furniture?


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Untreated aniline leather, which is dyed in a drum to saturate the leather completely, is commonly considered the best type of leather furniture. This type of dyed leather is free of a stain guard that causes treated leather to be stiff.

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When determining the quality of leather furniture, it is important to determine whether the piece is true leather or a combination of leather and vinyl. In addition to using untreated aniline leather, good leather furniture is based on framework, stitching and padding. The framework that the leather is wrapped around needs to be made of high-quality hardwood. Leather that has been wrapped around softwood tends to warp over time.

Testing the furniture out is an ideal way to determine how well it is made. If the furniture moves, creaks or makes any sort of motion while still brand new, this may indicate that the furniture's tendency to become overstressed and deteriorate with time.

How the padding is set in the furniture easily illustrates the quality of the leather. If the leather is removable, so that the padding can be replaced, then the furniture is made with good leather. If the padding is not removable, there is risk that the furniture was not designed for long-term, regular use.

The price of the leather doesn't necessarily determine quality. High price does not mean high quality, but high-quality leather furniture is typically more expensive.

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