What Leather Craft Tool Supplies Come With a Warranty?

What Leather Craft Tool Supplies Come With a Warranty?

Leatherman's tools, Weaver Leather Supply's Master Tool line and C.A. Meyers' Awl for All are leather crafting tools that come with a warranty, as of 2015. Typically, only awls, hammers, mallets, punches and cutters are under warranty. Other leather working supplies and kits are not.

Leatherman offers a 25-year warranty on its tools, retaining the right to repair a returned product or replace it with the same or newer model. Guarantees assume appropriate use and exclude sharpening and cleaning. The company carries a range of multi-tools with punches and awls that are suitable for leather work.

Weaver Leather Supply includes a lifetime warranty with its Master Tools, replacing returned tools. Approval depends upon normal use and does not include maintenance, such as sharpening. Master Tools targets professional leather workers, such as saddle-makers.

C.A. Myers offers a limited 10-year warranty on its Awl for All tool. The company replaces defective products unless negligence or abuse cause the damage. The Awl for All is a leather sewing tool designed for crafting, agricultural and industrial uses. Martha Stewart recommends the Awl for All for leather crafting.

General tools in use for leather work include Dremel type drills and cutters. Defect coverage varies by manufacturer for these kinds of products.