How Do You Learn About New Pipeline Projects?

How Do You Learn About New Pipeline Projects?

A list of major pipeline projects pending onshore is available on, the website of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Each calendar year corresponds to a single list of pending projects, and lists pending projects according to filing date.

Since lists pending onshore pipeline projects according to filing date, it is advisable to check the list periodically for new filings. The series of lists spans the years 2012 to 2015, with lists for the years 2006, 2008 and 2011 as well, as of 2016.

Each list gives the company or project name, the capacity, pipeline length in miles, the state and the filing date. The docket number of each project is a link to a page that contains the docket's history, including docket submission, applications, motions to intervene, agency correspondence and landowner lists. The history also specifies each intervening party by name and gives a brief summary of the motion.

The docket history accompanies each associated document, with links to a variety of viewable formats, such as PDF, spreadsheet, text or Word.

The website of an energy delivery company, such as Enbridge, is another way to learn about new pipeline projects that do not make it onto the list of major pipeline projects pending onshore or simply have not been filed yet. Enbridge supplies refined oil to Canada and the United States. On its website,, under Delivering Energy and Projects, there is a list of pending pipeline projects.