How Do You Learn About Home Electrical Plug Wiring?


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Learn about home electrical plug wiring from the DIY Network, the Family Handyman and Home Depot. All three companies operate websites that offer homeowners simple and easy-to-understand instructions on the most common electrical plug wiring needs homeowners have.

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The DIY Network offers expert advice on home electrical wiring, offering Web users access to detailed diagrams and explanations of electrical system components common to most homes. It explains the purpose of each wire in a typical home electrical system and shows how ground fault circuit interrupter outlets differ from regular ones.

The Family Handyman offers numerous guides on how to complete specific home improvement projects, including wiring light sockets, fishing electrical wire through walls, wire stripping and underground wiring. The website also shows users tips for easier home electrical wiring and instructs users on how to deal with wires that are too short.

Home Depot offers its customers access to comprehensive home improvement educational materials including step-by-step instructions and videos. The company publishes project guides and sells all or most of the components necessary to complete the projects illustrated. Examples of Home Depot project guides include installing outdoor power outlets, adding a wall switch to a ceiling fixture, installing dimmer switches and installing cable TV jacks.

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