What Do You Learn at a Carpentry School?


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Carpentry schools teach students the skills and knowledge necessary in the trade of woodwork. These schools offer different levels of education, from trade certificates to associate degrees. Trade schools also offer specialized classes, internships and job placement, all of which encourage success after program completion.

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Carpentry trade schools teach the essentials of woodwork. Curriculum for certificate programs includes the purpose and use of basic tools, job site safety, practices and regulations. Students study and practice the basic techniques of framing, finishing, cabinet making and necessary construction materials.

Associate degree programs offer more specialized training, and these programs include general education coursework to fulfill degree status. Practical training includes basic welding and concrete work, roofing, floors and walls, in addition to the finer details of custom construction. Students can also take more focused classes on topics such as alternative and eco-friendly construction, zoning and contracting law, and metal framing.

One of the advantages of an associate degree in carpentry is the opportunity for interdisciplinary coursework. Many trade schools offer business classes and leadership courses, which are beneficial for students who aspire to management and project oversight positions. The additional requirements of college-level math and English composition courses serve students well for both their trade practices and their career resumes.

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