How Do You Learn Basic Soldering?


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The National Retail Hardware Association and the Circuit Technology Center provide free online tutorials covering basic soldering techniques. You can purchase a Learn to Solder kit from companies such as Electronic Goldmine and solder various components at home. A solder iron and supply of tin lead solder is required for basic soldering tasks.

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Online basic soldering tutorials offer information and tips about solder tools and basic soldering techniques. For hands on learning purchase a basic soldering kit for beginners. Electronic Goldmine sells various beginner soldering kits that include numerous components for practicing soldering techniques. Its basic Learn to Solder kit includes components to build an LED flasher, which lights up when soldered properly to a PC board. It also sells a Learn to Solder Robot kit that includes circuit boards and electronic parts that allow beginners freedom to customize the robot.

An electric soldering iron that resembles a pencil is a good choice for soldering delicate electronic components of beginner soldering kits. A soldering gun or torch is used for other types of soldering jobs. The soldering iron tip must be clean before each use and coated with a small amount of solder on all sides. The soldering iron should be allowed to reach maximum heat before using it to solder parts.

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