Does a Leaking Washing Machine Need a New Drain Pump?


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A washing machine that is leaking water during a wash or drain cycle requires a replacement drain pump if the leak is originating from the pump. However, a leaking washing machine could also be caused by the hose pipe, door catch and various other parts of the appliance.

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To check if a leaking washing machine is caused by a faulty drain pump, unplug the appliance and locate the pump. On the majority of washing machine models, the drain pump is located on the base frame or can be attached to the drive motor. Access to the drain pump is gained by removing the rear or front panels. Once the drain pump has been located, check the connected hose and hose clamp to ensure they aren't the cause of the leak. If the leak appears to be originating from the drain pump and not the connections, then a replacement drain pump is required.

If the drain pipe and its connections aren't the cause of the leak, check the other hoses connected to the washing machine. Ensure all hose connections are tight and there are no holes in any of the hoses. Another possible cause of a leaking washing machine is the door catch, which can wear out over time and fail to provide a water tight seal.

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