How Does a Leaf Relief Gutter Cover Work?

How Does a Leaf Relief Gutter Cover Work?

A Leaf Relief gutter cover works by attaching to a gutter already in place, allowing water to flow into the gutter system and preventing leaves from entering your gutters. The product is backed by a 25-year warranty, as of November 2014.

  1. Pick the right one for your gutters

    Leaf Relief has five different kinds of covers depending on your type of gutter system. One style fits standard gutters by attaching to the top, while another variety protects zip hanger gutters. The adjustable model fits both 4-inch-wide and 5-inch-wide gutters. A fourth variety covers half-round drainage systems, and a fifth type aids combination gutters.

  2. Pay professionals to install the system

    Leaf Relief gutter covers lay right on top of your existing gutters. Pay a professional gutter installer who knows this product to put Leaf Relief gutter covers on your house. The product is made of aluminum that is perforated with holes that allow water to drain while keeping out leaves, acorns, sticks, pine needles, birds, animals and debris. The system is rated to drain nearly 30 inches of rain per hour.

  3. Prevent water damage

    Leaf Relief saves your gutters from yearly cleaning by allowing leaves to blow away from your gutters with a slight breeze. The company that sells these covers claims the improvements also prevent snow and ice damage in the winter by keeping downspouts open to receive melting precipitation.