What Are Some Layouts for a Sunroom Addition?


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Sunroom addition layouts include an 11-foot by 19-foot room with windows on three sides and a door for outside access and an 18-foot by 17-foot room with windows on three sides, a door to the rest of the house on the shared wall, and a door set into a windowed wall for outside access. Glass can also be installed in the ceiling to create a full-light conservatory and a good place to grow indoor plants.

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A classic sunroom layout includes skylights and a wall of windows, and it is built simply as an extension of the house with the same ceiling height. A solarium layout is similar, but instead of a wall with windows, the entire structure is constructed out of glass and framing materials. The atrium layout has vaulted or high ceilings with a glass roof, but building materials instead of framing make up the rest of the room.

The cottage-style sunroom features a glass ceiling supported by white beams, French doors that lead to the backyard and modest windows located in the upper walls. The glass ceiling allows plenty of light penetration, while the non-glass walls offer wall space for plants and other items. Instead of a glass ceiling, the walls are made completely of glass and the vaulted roof is covered to provide some shade, though the sunroom still offers plenty of light for growing plants.

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