How Do I Layout a Room?


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Following some basic interior design principles allows you to easily design a room layout. These principles include creating balance by scaling furniture to fit a room, utilizing visual interest by using varied sizes and creating depth with artwork.

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How Do I Layout a Room?
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  1. Measure your space

    Measure each wall and doorway so you are aware of the available space in the room.

  2. Add visual interest by varying the size of pieces

    Place a large sectional across from smaller items, such as side tables and armchairs, to make the space visually appealing.

  3. Use scaled pieces for balance

    The size of pieces should match the size of the room. The use of only large pieces in a small room appears out of balance, as does using only small pieces in a large room. This includes furniture and artwork.

  4. Utilize triangulation

    Create visual triangles, which add depth to the space. For example, two lower end tables on either side of a sofa with a painting above the sofa forms a triangular shape.

  5. Use artwork for inspiration

    Artwork usually has a foreground, mid-ground, vanishing point and background. Use the same principle in your room. Use a smaller item, such as a chair, in the foreground. A sofa or love seat against the wall can be used as the background. The mid-ground is formed by a piece in between the chair and sofa, such as a coffee table. A piece of art above the sofa provides the vanishing point.

  6. Divide the spaces

    A long, narrow space can be divided into a square or circular space by a grouping of chairs or the creation of a dining area.

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