How Do You Lay Wood Flooring?


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To lay wood flooring, stack the wood, clear and diagram the floor, install the boards and oil them. You need safety equipment, rags, boards, shims, a saw, glue, a hammer, a measuring tape, string, chalk, a nail gun, a staple gun, a roller, oil, a crowbar, sandpaper and writing materials.

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  1. Stack the wood

    Bring the wood into the room you are flooring. Stack the boards, and insert wooden shims between them to increase air circulation. Leave the wood stacked for two weeks.

  2. Clear the floor

    Remove the baseboards and trim with a crowbar. If the subfloor is covered with plywood, pry it up. Use a claw hammer to remove nails jutting up from the subfloor.

  3. Make a diagram

    Measure the floor, and sketch a scale diagram of it. Measure the boards, and determine how many boards you need to cover the floor. Allow 1/4 inch of space at the perimeter to account for wood expansion. Put on safety equipment, and cut the boards with a circular saw.

  4. Install the boards

    Run a string along the longest wall, move it 1/4 inch away from the wall, and use chalk to mark the line on the subfloor. Remove the string. Drizzle a board with carpenter's glue, and place it on the floor with one of the long sides touching the chalk line. Nail the board into the floor joists. Repeat with the remaining boards.

  5. Apply wood oil

    Use a paint roller to spread wood oil over the floor. Wait 15 minutes, and apply another coat. Wait 15 more minutes, and then wipe up the unabsorbed oil with a rag. Leave the floor undisturbed for 24 hours, and then sand it with medium-grit sandpaper. Finish with a final coat of oil.

  6. Replace baseboards and trim

    After an additional 24 hours, replace the baseboards and any additional trim to complete the project.

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