How Do You Lay Vinyl Tile?

Lay vinyl tile by choosing a type of tile, preparing the floor, deciding on a pattern, positioning the tiles, cutting tiles to fit and allowing the glue to set. You need chalk lines, measuring tape, a utility knife and vinyl tiles.

  1. Choose the tile

    Choose the size and type of tile you want to use. A common tile size is 12 inches by 12 inches. Measure the dimensions of the floor to determine how many tiles you need. Choose between peel-and-stick tiles or tiles that require you to add adhesive.

  2. Prepare the floor

    Remove moldings along the walls. Putty or sand down any bumps, dips and cracks in the floor. Sweep the area to remove any dirt and grit.

  3. Add a chalk line

    Measure the walls of the room. At the center of each wall, snap a chalk line to find the center of the room.

  4. Lay the tiles

    Starting at the center of the room where the two chalk lines meet, peel off the tile backing or add adhesive, and lay the tile so that the corner of the tile is flush against the intersecting chalk lines. Lay the tiles in a line along one of the chalk lines.

  5. Use a tile roller

    After laying down a few rows of tiles, work a tile roller over the rows to bond the tiles to the floor. Repeat this process until all the tiles that do not need to be cut are laid.

  6. Cut tiles to fit

    Measure the areas at the edges of the room, and cut the remaining tiles to fit using a utility knife. Lay these tiles.

  7. Allow the glue to set

    Allow the glue to set for a day or two before reinstalling the moldings.