How Do You Lay a Tile Hearth?


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To lay a tile hearth, SFGate suggests starting from the base and moving up. Thin set mortar, trowel, tile spacers, tile wet saw, beating block, rubber mallet, grout and measuring tape are required for the process.

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  1. Level the hearth using mortar, if required

    Apply a thin layer of mortar to even out a concrete hearth pad. If the hearth pad is made of plywood, apply a thin layer of mortar, and cover it with a sheet of cement backerboard. Give it 24 hours to dry.

  2. Decide on the tile pattern

    Decide on the pattern of tiles you want and set the tiles on the dry hearth pad. Use tile spacers for perfect spacing.

  3. Cut tiles on a wet saw

    Cut the tiles according to a predetermined pattern on a tile wet saw. Ensure that the cut tiles fit the hearth.

  4. Spread mortar on hearth pad and position the tiles in place

    Spread mortar on the hearth pad floor using a trowel. Level out the surface using the flat part of the trowel. Press the tiles onto the mortar. Use a beating block and a rubber mallet to beat down the tiles evenly. Give the mortar 24 hours to dry.

  5. Grout the hearth pad to fill in gaps between tiles

    Fill in gaps between tiles using grout. Give it 10 minutes, and wash off with a grout sponge. Give it 24 hours to dry.

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