How Do You Lay Tile Flooring in a Warehouse?

Laying tile flooring in a warehouse is done the same way as anywhere else. Begin by removing everything from the floor and lay sub-flooring, according to Then, lay the tile.

The procedure for laying vinyl tile or sheet vinyl is basically the same. Begin by detaching fixtures and removing any furniture, boxes or anything else that is on the floor.

  1. Remove the old tile
  2. Remove the old tile from the floor, if necessary.

  3. Remove the sub-floor
  4. Remove the sub-floor, if desired. New sub-floor may installed over the old sub-floor if removing it is not an option.

  5. Install sub-floor
  6. Install the new sub-floor, making sure it is even. If the old sub-floor is in decent condition, patch any rough areas.

  7. Apply the adhesive
  8. When using sheet vinyl, apply the adhesive to one area at a time. Allow the adhesive time to set up before laying the tile. The adhesive should begin to set, but still be wet. Using pre-cut tiles requires the adhesive be more set-up than when using vinyl sheets.

  9. Lay the tile
  10. Once the adhesive has set, lay the tile, one area at a time. Make sure there are no bubbles or other imperfections before moving on to another area.

  11. Replace baseboards and electrical fixtures
  12. Once the tile is set, replace any electrical fixtures, baseboards and furniture.