How Do You Lay Sheet Vinyl Flooring?


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Lay vinyl sheet flooring by removing baseboards, trim or caulk, and then applying vinyl adhesive before laying the sheet across the floor. Use a floor roller on top of the vinyl to smooth out imperfections, and then replace the baseboard and trim, or caulk.

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  1. Remove baseboards and trim

    Insert a flat pry bar behind the baseboard and door trim. Pry it off gently around the perimeter of the room to remove the baseboards and trim in full pieces.

  2. Apply vinyl adhesive

    Follow the manufacturer’s directions to apply an even layer of vinyl adhesive on a portion of the floor. Notch the adhesive with a notched trowel.

  3. Lay the vinyl sheet on the adhesive

    Set one end of the vinyl sheet against the wall, and unroll the vinyl as you are laying it down on the adhesive. Continue applying adhesive and setting the vinyl until you cover the entire floor.

  4. Roll the vinyl

    Roll a floor roller over the vinyl to remove imperfections and to set the vinyl flooring on the adhesive.

  5. Replace baseboard and trim

    Nail the baseboards and door trim back in place using finishing nails and a hammer. Apply a thin bead of caulk around the perimeter between the wall and floor if you are not using baseboards.

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