How Do You Lay Pavers?


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To lay pavers, install a compacted paver base covered with a bed of concrete sand. Then, lay the pavers in place, fill the joints with mason's sand, and cover with sealer.

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  1. Prepare the base

    Choose an area for your pavers. If you are working with bare ground, excavate and flatten the area. Then, pour in paver base material to cover the area completely. Compact it to make the surface tightly packed and the base 3 inches deep.

  2. Cover the base

    Buy coarse concrete sand. Spread the sand in an even layer over your base, aiming for a depth of 1/2 to 1 inch. Compact the layer of sand.

  3. Install edging pieces

    Buy sturdy metal or plastic edging pieces. Lay the edging around the perimeter of your space, and nail the pieces into place.

  4. Lay the pavers

    Starting in one corner, lay a paver into place. Add a second paver next to the first, positioning it tightly. Continue working outward until you fill as much of the space as possible. Cut individual pavers to fill in the remaining small spaces.

  5. Fill and seal the pavers

    Cover your pavers with mason's sand. Use a vibrating plate compactor to move the sand firmly into each joint, so it is packed into place. Clean the surface of your pavers, and spray on sealer.

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