How Do You Lay Patio Pavers?

How Do You Lay Patio Pavers?

To lay patio pavers, pour sand over course dirt over gravel, and ensure the entire surface is level. Place the pavers as level as possible.

  1. Level the target area

    Decide where you would like to lay the patio, and level the area with a landscaping rake.

  2. Add gravel

    Pour gravel over the area, and level it with the rake.

  3. Add dirt and sand

    Use the same process to add the dirt, followed by the sand.

  4. Tamper the area

    Use a tamper along the entire area to flatten it even further, and do the same with the side of a 2-by-4-inch board.

  5. Remove sand

    Remove the excess sand that the board collects in the flattening process.

  6. Build a frame

    Drive a stake into the ground with a rubber mallet. Run a strip of bender board to a second stake to begin the frame, and continue from there.

  7. Set up the leveling string

    Attach a string between two stakes on the outer edges of the frame and across the frame to keep the pavers after you install them.

  8. Lay down the pavers

    Lay down the pavers one by one, and use a trowel to level the sand underneath as you go.

  9. Tamp the pavers

    Use the tamper on the surface of the pavers to level them, then remove the leveling guides and frames.