How Do You Lay Laminate Flooring Around a Toilet?

According to Tim Anderson, writing for SF Gate Home Guides, laying laminated flooring around a toilet requires specialized tools and ability to cut precise angles with a jigsaw. While this installation can prove difficult, it is still easier than installing traditional hardwood floors.

Begin by installing laminate material as close to the toilet's flange as possible. Use uncut pieces in order to make it easier to get measurements from the last piece put down.

Next, take a piece of laminate material and overlap the drain hole and toilet flange. Do this with several planks and leave a small gap between pieces in order to view the perimeter of the flange. Use pencil on the edges of the laminate pieces to mark the flange perimeter while an extra quarter inch of space. This helps to account for movement and expansion of the pieces over time.

Next, clamp cut pieces as needed to the work bench. Use the jigsaw to cut the individual pieces. Connect the rest of these pieces to the already installed material and snap the pieces together. Use a rubber mallet to tap these pieces gently. After working around the flange, continue the rest of the installation as normal. Do not forget to use safety glasses whenever using power equipment.