How Do You Lay Fescue Sod?

How Do You Lay Fescue Sod?

Lay fescue sod as soon as possible, and keep it moist until it's installed. Items needed to lay fescue sod are a rake and fertilizer, as the area for the sod needs to be rake and fed before sod is laid.

  1. Rake the area

    Break up and loosen the soil by raking the area. Remove all debris in the area. Rake soil to 3/4 inch below the level of sidewalks, curbs and driveways.

  2. Spread fertilizer

    Spread a 10-10-10 or 10-6-4 complete fertilizer over the soil. Use the rate of application recommended by the manufacturer. Rake the fertilizer into the soil.

  3. Lay the sod

    Moisten the soil before laying the sod. Lay the fescue sod so all edges are firmly pressed together to avoid the ground becoming uneven. All corners should be flush. Newly laid sod may be different colors because of how it was stacked and stored before being installed. The color will even out in a few days.

  4. Water the soil

    Water the soil thoroughly, preventing it from drying out for the first 7 to 10 days. After this time, give the soil an inch of water every week. Water early in the morning.

  5. Mow the lawn

    On the 10th day after laying the sod, let the soil dry out enough to mow. Mow the lawn on the highest setting.