How Do You Lay Crazy Paving?

To lay crazy paving, remove the topsoil, add hardcore fill and sand, flatten the ground, mortar and lay the paving stones, and mortar the joints. To undertake this project, you need a shovel, hardcore fill, sand, water, a mallet, a lawn roller, mortar, a trowel, a level and paving stones.

  1. Prepare the ground

    Dig up the vegetation, grass and topsoil. Compact the underlying soil with a lawn roller, and cover it with a thin layer of hardcore fill. Pour a thin layer of sand over the hardcore, and compact it with the roller.

  2. Mortar and apply the paving stones

    Arrange the paving stones in the work area, with no more than 1 inch of space between adjacent stones. Open the tub of mortar, and prepare it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Put mortar on the underside of each paving stone, and press it down into the sand. After you lay several stones, tamp them down with a mallet and check the surface with a carpenter's level. The walkway should have a slight incline on one side, as this encourages proper water drainage.

  3. Mortar the joints

    Use the tip of the trowel to pack mortar into the spaces between the stones. Do not walk on the crazy paving until the mortar cures.