How Do You Lay Brick Pavers in a Pattern?


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Lay 3 3/4-inch by 7 1/2-inch rectangular brick pavers in a basketweave pattern by placing two pavers parallel with the house and two pavers perpendicular to the first ones. Continue alternating the direction of the pavers until the area is covered. While there are many pattern options, the basketweave is common and easy to accomplish.

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Before beginning to lay the pavers, prepare the bed by leveling the ground underneath. Use a string line to mark the edges of the pavers. Plan a length and width that is divisible by 7 1/2, which allows installing the pavers without cutting those you use on the edges.

Place a 2-inch layer of crushed granite over the surface of the bed. Sprinkle the granite with water and use a tamper to compact the granite into place. Add another 2-inch layer of granite and tamp it into place. The resulting sufrace should be level and leave enough room to place the pavers flush with the edgeing.

Place the bricks in the desired pattern. Use a rubber mallat to tap the bricks into place and minimize the space between them. Turn bricks with imperfections so the good side faces up, and replace any pavers that break during installation.

Once all pavers are in place, pour a thin layer of fine sand on top of the surface. Use a broom to sweep the sand into the cracks. Apply a sealer to the pavers to protect them from stains.

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