How Do You Lay a Brick Paver Sidewalk?

How Do You Lay a Brick Paver Sidewalk?

Lay a brick walkway by first cleaning and leveling the area. Then excavate the soil, install a border to keep the bricks in place, fill with a base and install the bricks.

A brick walkway makes a lovely addition to the outside of any home or garden area. By installing a good base underneath the bricks, the walkway will last for many years.

  1. Excavate the soil
  2. Determine the length and width of the bath and mark off the area. Using a spade, dig out the first layer of soil. Dig until the soil changes color.

  3. Fill with graded base
  4. Fill with one to two inches of graded base. Spray the base with water and press down.

  5. Compress
  6. Compress the base to an even level. Repeat the process until the layer is around 3 1/2 inches below grade.

  7. Add sand
  8. Add a layer of sand and using a spade, create trenches along the edges of the walkway. Fill the trenches with one-by-fours, pounding them into the ground until they are level with the grade.

  9. Smooth out the path
  10. Scrape the sand with a piece of wood to completely smooth out the surface.

  11. Install the side bricks
  12. Install the bricks along the edges of the path by laying the bricks on their edges and pounding in with a rubber mallet. Edge the walkway on both sides.

  13. Fill in the rest of the walkway
  14. Lay the rest of the brick, tapping it in place with the mallet.

  15. Fill in the joints
  16. Shovel a layer of masonry sand or stone dust over the walkway. Spread it out using a large push broom until it evenly fills in the spaces between each brick.

  17. Check it after a week
  18. Allow the bricks to settle for about a week and if necessary, refill any settled joints with masonry sand or stone dust.