How Do You Lay a Brick Patio?


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Lay a brick patio by digging up the area, putting down crushed rock, laying down weed cloth, applying sand and then adding the bricks. To keep the brick in place, sweep sand over the area until all the cracks are filled.

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  1. Dig up the patio area

    Using a tiller, dig up the ground where you want to install the patio. Remove all grass and weeds.

  2. Add crushed rock

    Dump about two inches of crushed rock on the dirt. Use a 2x4 to spread the rock over the entire area until it is level throughout.

  3. Cover with weed cloth

    Roll out weed cloth on top of the crushed rock.

  4. Add sand on top of the weed cloth

    Pour sand over the top of the weed cloth, and spread it out with the 2x4 or a rake until you have about two inches of sand.

  5. Lay the bricks

    Choose the pattern for the patio and lay the bricks out on top of the sand. Push in bricks that are not level with the others.

  6. Sweep in more sand

    Pour sand on top of the bricks, and sweep it around the patio until all the cracks are filled. Repeat as necessary if there are loose bricks.

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