How Do You Lay Brick With Mortar?


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To lay bricks with mortar, first gather the necessary materials, which include a brick trowel, spirit level, jointing bar and tape measure, along with some string and a soft brush. For the mortar, you need a mortar mixture, mortar board and a mixing bucket, wheelbarrow or cement mixer.

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To make the mortar mixture, follow the instructions on the packaging. Every mortar mixture has different proportions according to its purpose, but most mixtures require a cement amount four times the amount of sand. Combine the mixture in the mixing bucket, wheelbarrow or cement mixer. The mixture must have resistance when stirring, but still be smooth.

To lay bricks, use the trowel to scoop some mortar from the bucket, and begin applying the mortar from one corner of the building. Apply a 1-inch thick layer of mortar, making sure to spread the mixture wide across the brick. Place a brick onto the mortar and use the trowel to tap the brick into alignment with the brick underneath. To check whether the bricks aligned correctly, use the spirit level.

Remove excess mortar outside of the brick layer joints, which should be 3/8 to 3/4 inches thick with an equal layer of thickness throughout the joints. Create height at the corners of the building, and use the string to guide you by pinning it between the end bricks. Allow the mortar to dry and firm up, and smooth the mortar joints using jointing bar that is wider than the joint spacing. Use a soft-bristled brush to sweep away any excess mortar for a smooth finish.

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