How Do You Lay a Brick Driveway Without Hiring a Handyman?


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Do-it-yourself brick driveways are installed by laying out the driveway then digging and preparing the base. Bricks are installed using brick spacers, and the joints are filled with masonry sand.

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The first step in installing a brick driveway is designing the driveway and placing string tied to stakes as a guide. The driveway is then excavated to a depth of 12 to 14 inches, and the subgrade is compacted. Next, the driveway is filled to 5 inches below flush with either stone screenings or pea gravel. This is laid in two to three layers, and each layer is compacted using a plate vibrator before the next is spread. Landscape cloth is then placed to keep weeds from growing between the bricks. Two inches of sand is poured on top of the landscape cloth and spread evenly, then a brick edge retainer is placed along the driveway.

Bricks are installed starting from the center of the driveway and working toward the edges. Brick spacers are used to ensure even spacing. A piece of wood is placed over the bricks and tapped with a rubber mallet to settle the bricks into the sand. When all the bricks are in a satisfactory arrangement, masonry sand is poured into the spaces between the bricks, and the area is sprayed with water to settle the sand and clean the bricks.

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