How Do You Lay Boulders in a Landscape?


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Boulders are laid in landscapes by removing the turf and the soil and tamping down the underlying dirt before placing the rock in position. The amount of turf that needs to be removed can be marked with the dimensions of the boulder using a garden hose or spray paint.

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The first step in laying the boulder is to dig up the turf with a spade. Once the turf is removed, the underlying soil is dug out to approximately one-fourth the depth of the boulder. This provides for a secure boulder placement that does not shift.

Newly-dug soil tends to settle over time. When the soil settles, the settling causes the rock to sink, affecting the decorative impact of the boulder. Tamping down the soil with a tamping machine reduces the amount of settling, allowing the rock to remain above ground at the original desired depth. Once the boulder is placed in the prepared area, fine sand and dust should be rinsed off.

Boulders are expensive to transport over long distances. Local sources not only cost less, but also have boulders that match other rocks in the area. Aesthetically pleasing boulders generally complement rocks and hardscapes already in place around the home.

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