How Do You Lay Asphalt Shingles?


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To lay asphalt shingles, install a drip edge, and tack down two layers of tar paper. Nail down a row of starter shingles all along the edge of the roof. Lay the rest of the shingles one vertical strip at a time, working from a starter shingle to the ridge.

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  1. Set up safety gear

    Attach a harness to prevent falls. Put on protective goggles and hearing protection.

  2. Attach a drip edge

    Nail a drip edge along the edge of the roof with a nail gun. The drip edge protects the house frame from dripping water.

  3. Tack on two layers of tar paper

    Roll a layer of tar paper over the entire roof. Attach the tar paper with plastic cap nails. Add a second layer of tar paper.

  4. Edge the roof with starter shingles

    Run a row of starter shingles all along the edge of the roof. Attach the starter shingles with roofing nails, and butt them together at the seams without any overlap. Cut shingle strips to size with a hook blade as necessary.

  5. Cover the roof with shingles

    Start at one end, and lay the first shingle over a starter shingle. Nail it in place, and move up the roof nailing each shingle so that it overlaps the first. Cover the roof one row at a time.

  6. Put on the ridge cap

    Nail the ridge cap in place along the ridge of the roof. Cut the ridge pieces to size as necessary with a hook blade.

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