What Are Some Laws or Regulations That Apply to Fire Pits?


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As of 2015, some laws and regulations that apply to fire pits include keeping the fire pit away from combustible items, containing the fire pit in a fireproof enclosure, and only allowing individuals at least 18 years and older to operate the fire pit, according to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protections. The specific laws and regulations about fire pits depend on the location of the fire pit and the time the law is applicable.

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Fire pits are subject to the open burning regulation in the state of Massachusetts, unless the owner or operator of the pit mainly uses it for cooking purposes, states the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The department suggests that individuals burn dry, clean firewood to reduce how much smoke leaves the property. Consumers using a fire pit have to keep it at a rational size. Individuals cannot burn garbage and similar waste in fire pits in Massachusetts. Certain jurisdictions or communities within the state have additional ordinances that prohibit the use of fire pits. Residents can verify with their local fire departments to determine other requirements and directives about fire pits.

HGTV recommends that consumers place fire pits at least 10 feet away from areas subject to combustion. Users should also avoid lighting fire pits on windy days and using pressure-treated wood, since it can contain dangerous toxins. Individuals should also stay aware of current laws, since these laws can change depending on the season.

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