What Is the Best Lawn Tractor?

The best lawn tractor is the John Deere LX277, according to Popular Mechanics. Other highly ranked tractors include the Toro 1744HXL and Cub Cadet 2176.

The John Deere LX277 lawn tractor has a hydrostatic transmission, 17-horsepower twin-cylinder engine and adjustable deck. Its wide rear tires provide extra stability over uneven terrain. This tractor cuts in forward and reverse. It also has an electric clutch.

The Cub Cadet 2176 has a 17-horsepower single-cylinder engine, excellent traction, a removable mulching attachment and intuitive control layout. It does not cut in reverse.

The Toro 1744HXL has a 17-horsepower single-cylinder engine, belt-adjusted deck and single-pedal transmission. It performs well in wet conditions and cleanly cuts through tall grass.