What Is a Lawn Mower Pulley?


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A lawn mower pulley is a part that consists of two discs connected at an axle, where the space between the discs receives a belt. The component's axle fits onto the crankshaft, transmitting engine output from the axle to other parts of the unit via a drive belt. Pushed lawnmowers use a single drive belt to power the mower blade, while walk-behind and riding lawnmowers also use a second belt to power the mower's propulsion.

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Lawn mower pulleys come in many different shapes, sizes and styles, depending on the particular make and model of the lawn mower and engine. They typically feature a notch or other attachment point around the center axle to connect it to the crankshaft. Pulleys are often made from metal or plastic.

A lawn mower idler is a similar but unrelated part to a pulley. An idler has a similar two-disc shape and space for a belt but is designed without an axle notch. This allows the part to freely rotate around the shaft it's connected to, allowing a mower engine to run without necessarily pushing the blade or unit. This part is commonly used on self-propelled mowers that feature an option to stop the mower blade but keep the engine running.

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