What Are Some Lawn Care Tips If You Have a Dog?

There are several ways to keep a lawn lush, green and healthy when one is a dog owner, including frequent watering and careful pet training. As dog urine and feces, as well as general wear and tear from exercise, can damage the lawn, it is important to maintain the lawn regularly, following recommended feeding and mowing advice.

The chemical makeup of dog urine causes grass to burn, creating unsightly brown spots surrounded by fast-growing, dark green grass. Watering the area immediately after the dog has urinated helps to dilute the urine, flushing it away and lessening the effect. If the area is already damaged, gypsum can be added to neutralize the area and make it ready for re-seeding after a few days. There are also products available that can be sprayed on the lawn to neutralize the ammonia in the urine, reducing the burn.

Feeding the lawn on the right schedule and choosing a hardy grass is also important. Applying fertilizer about four times a year, on average, creates a stronger, more resilient turf that can cope with heavy use. With increased foot traffic, such as the dog running for exercise or digging, choosing a grass such as the Tall Fescue or Bermuda breeds ensures a healthier-looking lawn that is easier to care for. These species are naturally heartier and better able to withstand urine, feces and increased use.