What Are Some Lawn Care and Aeration Tips?


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Some tips for lawn aeration include preparing the lawn ahead of time, using a mechanical aerator and spreading compost over the lawn to aid in drainage. First, ensure that aeration is the right move by checking that the grass roots aren't any longer than two inches. This means that the soil is too compact to allow the roots to grow deeper and requires aeration.

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Aerate the lawn at the beginning of its growing season. For typical warm-season cultivars, this occurs between April and June, while cold-season cultivars start to actively grow between August and October. Next, give the grass 1 inch of water to make the soil moist and more pliable.

Choose a mechanical core aerator over a spike aerator, as the latter can actually increase rather than decrease soil compaction. It is possible to rent an aerator for a few hours. Run the aerator over the lawn, avoiding going over the same area twice. You can leave the soil cores on the lawn, where they eventually decompose and add nutrients back into the soil.

Immediately after aerating a lawn, apply both fertilizer and compost or sand. Compost or sand fill in the aeration holes while providing good drainage and circulation for the remaining grass.

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