Who Are Some Lava Rock Suppliers in Florida?


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Lava rock suppliers in Florida include Superior Stone Distributors, Mike's Trucking and Landscaping Material and Carroll's Building Materials. The size, type, price and variety of lava rocks will vary from one supplier to another, so shopping around can be the best way to find the supplier that fits a project's budget.

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Superior Stone Distributors offers two different sizes of black lava rocks. The type of project will determine which size would best fit. For a decorative filling with other rocks and plants, the smaller rock may be more ideal then the larger rock. The larger rocks can be good for use along walkways to define and line the area, or in a drainage area.

Mike's Trucking offers red lava rock in one size. Red lava rock is popular as a decorative stone. It is often used in gardens and along walkways. It is often paired with white stones as a contrasting color. These rocks are often seen in gardens that are full of either tropical plants or desert plants.

Carroll's offers black and red lava rocks. The large, but light stones are often cheaper to buy because they weigh half as much as stones the same size. All of these suppliers require customers to call the stores in order to acquire prices.

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