How Do You Do Laundry at Home?

How Do You Do Laundry at Home?

How Do You Do Laundry at Home?

Doing laundry at home is a money-saving and convenient option. Read and follow fabric care labels for new garments. Wash clothes regularly to prevent a build-up of dirty laundry.

  1. Sort the clothes

    Sort your clothing into piles of like colors and similar fabric weight. Heavy fabrics, such as towels, can damage delicate ones, so wash them separately. Dark colors, especially red, tend to bleed dye that can turn light colors or whites pink.

  2. Check for stains

    The best time to remove a stain is before laundering the item. Spray with a laundry spot remover, and allow the garment to sit a few minutes before placing it in the washing machine.

  3. Select the right temperature

    Washing in water that is too hot causes fabric to shrink and fade. If the temperature is too cold, whites can become dingy due to soap build-up. Select the hottest temperature appropriate for the garments in the load.

  4. Add detergent

    Detergents come in powder, liquids and pods. Add the detergent before filling the machine for best results. If your washing machine is a front-loader, add the detergent to the appropriate dispenser. For top-loaders, add the detergent directly to the tub. Always measure the detergent to ensure you are using the right amount.

  5. Choose the right cycle

    Most machines offer several cycles. Choosing the right cycle ensures you wash clothes with the minimal amount of wear.