Which Laundry Detergents Are Low Sudsing?

Tide 2X with Color Clean Bleach Alternative HE, All 2X with Oxy-Active, Gain Original Fresh HE, Up & Up Fresh Breeze HE and Seventh Generation Natural Powdered HE are five high-rated, low-sudsing detergents. Low-sudsing detergents are for use in high-efficiency washing machines. Using less of a regular detergent does not decrease suds.

Low-sudsing detergents are used for high-efficiency machines that use less water and require less detergent. Using regular detergents with high-efficiency machines causes the detergent to spill out of the washing machine. Regular detergents may also cause components in the washing machine to break due to residue build up.

Tide 2X Ultra with Color Clean Bleach Alternative is concentrated with a color-safe bleach alternative that makes additional bleach unnecessary.

All 2X with Oxy-Active is a liquid detergent in concentrated form with a patented Oxy-Active ingredient that removes tough stains such as blood, chocolate, grass and wine.

Gain Original Fresh HE is a powder low-sudsing alternative. Consumer Reports gives it high ratings for its price, efficiency and scent.

Up & Up Fresh Breeze HE is a Target-brand low-sudsing detergent that comes in liquid form.

Seventh Generation Natural Powdered HE comes in powder form. It is categorized as a ?green? product because its ingredients are composed of plant-derived cleaning agents.