What Laundry Detergent Is Good for Sensitive Skin?


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Laundry detergents that are hypoallergenic or free from dyes and scents usually work best for sensitive skin. Some popular laundry detergents that are hypoallergenic include Ajax Free and Clear, Arm and Hammer for sensitive skin and Clorox Greenworks.

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What Laundry Detergent Is Good for Sensitive Skin?
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Sensitive skin tends to be prone to breakouts, itching and rashes and can be irritated by the wrong laundry detergent. Hypoallergenic laundry detergents are specifically formulated to prevent allergic reactions and other problems associated with sensitive skin. Detergents should be free of dyes, harsh chemicals and even scents. It's also possible to make detergent at home. By doing this, a person knows exactly what ingredients are in the laundry detergent.

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