How Do You Launder Raw Silk?


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While raw silk can be hand-washed, doing so may change the texture of the fabric, making it softer and smoother. If you prefer to keep the original firm texture of your raw silk garments or curtains, have them dry-cleaned rather than laundering them yourself. Have your dry cleaner mark the garment as silk fabric before cleaning.

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  1. Prepare soapy water

    Add about 1 cup of mild detergent to a basin of warm water, and allow suds to form.

  2. Immerse the raw silk fabric

    Dip the raw silk garment into the soapy water solution. Move the garment around gently, but do not scrub or rub it; doing so may harm the fibers of the silk.

  3. Rinse the raw silk

    Refill the basin with cold water. Add ¼ cup of white vinegar to the water. Return the raw silk garment to the basin and rinse it completely. Change the water if needed to make sure you have removed all of the detergent from the silk fabric.

  4. Dry the silk fabric

    Do not wring excess water out of raw silk. Lay the silk garment on a clean towel and use a second towel to blot excess water out of the fabric. Let the fabric air-dry. Do not expose it to direct sunlight, which causes the colors to fade.

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