What Are the Latest Trends in Kitchen Appliances?


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As of 2015, the latest trends in kitchen appliances are four-door refrigerators, double ovens, third-rack dishwashers, steam-assist ovens and high-end blenders. The four-door refrigerator includes the typical refrigerator and freezer sections with a third easy-access compartment that has separate temperature controls. Some of these refrigerators also feature two freezer doors.

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Double ovens are a new kitchen appliance trend found in both gas and electric ranges. This appliance features two separate oven compartments, allowing a cook to bake several dishes simultaneously at different temperatures. Another trend in ovens is steam-assist, a fast alternative to conventional ovens. Steam-assist ovens have a compartment where water is added. The combination of steam and convection speed cooking along considerably. It is also adds moisture to foods during reheating, keeping them juicy.

Another trendy kitchen appliance is a third-rack dishwasher. Instead of providing a basket for utensils, the third rack is just for utensils and big enough to accommodate bigger cutlery and larger utensils such as tongs. This also allows space for loading more dishes in the bottom rack where the basket normally resides. High-end blenders are popular, especially for the health-conscious who use it to make smoothies and juice from whole fruit including the pulp.

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