What Is the Largest Seed in the World?

largest-seed-world Credit: Martin Harvey/Gallo Images/Getty Images

The largest seed in the world comes from a tropical pine tree called the Coco de Mer. This seed grows to 1 foot in length and 3 feet in circumference and weighs up to 66 pounds.

The Coco de Mer tree grows on two islands in the Seychelles. However, the seed was first discovered in the Maldives, where a specimen of the seed arrived after floating overseas. As a result, these seeds are sometimes referred to as Maldive coconuts.

Because of the seed's impressive size and relative rarity, it is often sought by collectors. In the 18th century, wealthy Europeans would embed jewels on dried Coco de Mer seeds and display them in galleries. The seeds remain rare, as the trees on which they grow are confined to a small region.