How Large of a Space Do Battery Space Heaters Heat?


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True battery-powered space heaters can only handle small spaces, such as vehicle interiors or an individual's body or hands, as stated on The Heater Guru. Hybrid battery-powered space heaters that use propane as the heating source can generally heat a small room, such as a bedroom or bathroom.

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The limitations imposed on battery-only space heaters are due largely to the amount of charge a battery can hold. A small 2-volt battery, for example, may only be able to heat a small area or a vehicle for a number of minutes before being drained completely of power. Because of this, battery-powered space heaters are generally hard-wired into a central power grid, providing a short amount of heating when used alone. When used along with the power grid, the battery is constantly recharged to keep it ready for use when the primary power fails.

The hybrid battery-powered space heater typically uses small propane bottles, usually about 1 pound in size. The battery portion of the space heater provides the initial spark that begins the burning of the propane, while the propane itself provides the heat source. Hybrid heaters are the types of battery-powered heaters usually found indoors and heating a single room.

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